Hunting Season: Hunt or Be Hunted! >> Real Time Hunting Simulator

Hello all, I found another interesting game, Main concept of the game is to hunt animals. As we all know, real hunting is dangerous :gun: and not allowed too, so here is the fun hunting simulator game with ultra realistic experience.

Hunting Season: Hunt or Be Hunted! is really fun 3D hunting simulator game to play. You can unleash your hunter ability through this game. This game states that they did not endangered any animal here, real funny part. :deer: :boar: :eagle: :duck: :fox_face:

Become a safari explorer with your gun and aim and shoot the animals around forest. You can select any weapon, but you have to buy them from the shop. Best snipers gives you the best shot against animals. :gun: :deer:

I seen some animals like, fox, deer, boar, birds and some animals which can hunt here.

You can select any animal which you like to hunt them down. Keep in mind that different animals have different abilities. Just start this some simple animals and finally reach to birds, that gonna be a pro level in shooting. :fox_face:

Load your sniper and make sure your aim is perfect and shoot the animals before the timer runs out. Should keep an eye on timer and find and shoot the target number of animals before timer completes. :timer_clock: :evergreen_tree:

As no animals get shot simply, they will attack you back, so be sure and careful with your shots and clear all the targets in this game. So be quick and do not give a chance to attack animals against you

Become a pro sniper and have fun playing this game. My personal interest is eagle, it is really fast, real skill needed to aim and snipe the birds.

Have fun playing this game only on


Great review :heartbeat: Enjoyed Reading every part of it, and great screenshots :firecracker: :firecracker: :firecracker:too.
Thank you :heartbeat:

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Read again! Loved even more!

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