Html5 game


How find inframe link from html5 games to put in my site .

How put y8 logo in construct 2 game maker .

I make game in construct 2 and i want submit game in Y8 but i need logo .




Logos are here

Upload using the Storage system.

Upload to Y8


When I click on Upload using the Storage system I got the page dont exist. I am trying to upload my html5 games last years but I dont have succes


The Storage system uses FTP, so you need a FTP app, then it’s a matter of dragging the file over and it gets uploaded. Then it’s a matter of finding the address.


Did still works classic submit page? I am trying to upload some games but I am not succes. Do I need to put iframe from my website or I need to upload html5 files?


Yes, you are free to submit an external iframe but I should warn that the content team is less likely to publish these. It increases the risk that game will break due to domain management, sneaky code, hidden ads. So we always prefer files be uploaded.


Thank you Eddie I am upload one game to see whats happend. When I want to add new game do I need to make new app for every new game? I am not sure what is redirect URL.


yes, if your game uses any of the SDK features, you will want a new app. For redirect url, can just put y8’s address, it’s only for games that have a server and need to act on behalf of the player. Most cases, it’s not used


Ok. thank you. Last question I promise. When I upload game on storage is thats it, waiting to be approved or not or after that I need to submit game on the classic way with that link like a iframe?