How to use google and other websites with Y8?

Hello, new to the forum. Can someone tell me how to use other websites or even google with Y8 ? I know I’ve accidently went on Azalea once by clicking on her name in her dress up game but I wonder if it’s possible to go somewhere else or just simply use Google ? Thank you :slight_smile:

Forgot to add : I’m on Mac, an older one at that, so it might not be the same as a windows pc !

As i know Y8 Browser isnt an internet explorer, it works as a game player and to find games that the page has.I think that the only way to get in other websites is by clicking a link on the games, for example, go to the game Earth Taken and click the Armor Games logo, then you will be redirected to Armor Games website, but you need to have Y8 Browser opened beacuse if you close it or go to other game, that window will close.Im a bit new too so dont take my words trustfully, im just trying to help.

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