How to level up fast

can anyone please say me

In which game?

hi my name is simon::joy:

in orion sandbox enhanced

in orion sandbox enhanced local save

I beleieve that u lvl up by killing zombies and on death u lose some of that experience. :slight_smile:
So kill a lot of zombies to lvl up faster.

Hello this is how to earn exp fast do the ffg:
1 make sure you have a good enough armor and weapons (Close range and long range weapons)
2 kill the mobs at the lava area They give good exp

Also completely unrelated but…this is how you find solidium:
1 dig straight down and hope for the best
1 if you found lava well you are very lucky coz there are lots of solidium there

and if you already have the 3D printer best way to get stacked on solidium is making a tree farm and everything is pretty easy after that but i sugest you make it in the sky so you can farm them all night

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