How tall are you?

i’m at 163-168cm (i think thats 5’6?) but usually i wear platformed shoes so i’m like 171cm most of the time. how ab u guys??


alsoooo… how do i change my username<3

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to the 5 viewers: i can c u

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y is the forum so dead pls entertain me i have no life

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i look so dumb talking to myself dont do me like this lmao :hole: :running_woman:

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ne sois pas si timide. je ne mords pas. peut etre :wink:

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whats up scooby doo, theyre coming after u :guitar: :drum: :woman_cartwheeling: :microphone: :notes:

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You cannot.

im dry

u cant


waitttt omg ur so smol are u finished growing or do u think u’ll grow a couple more cm?

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I’m either 5’6 and-a-half or 5’7 (170 cm)

Im just 10


so smol and cute

my age is 8

Awe thank you so much :blush:


i’m at 172, but i could get some centimeters if i could fix my posture i guess

not sure. Last time I’ve checked I was 5’3 or 5’4.I’m short at my school.It even takes me several years to even grow 20 pounds heavier.
:frowning: not awesome.

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