How often are gen2 and gen3 classes free?

Shocker is free for me right now, and scout too, I dont like scout nor shocker so I have to do with scout because I hate gunner.
I remember scout and shocker being free when I started with new accounts, but the other cool ones such as assassin, blazer (Woo!) , bomber and commando, rarely being free (Only seen blazer free).
Blazer would be cool since I mained it back then, and I could probably wreck noobs with it a lot better than scout, and the other’s I haven’t player, but they seem fun to play.
So how often are gen2 and gen3 classes free?


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Considering the 7 day rotation,almost every class is free except bomber and commando.
Ever since the tutorial update you have already purchased the gunner meaning you will have any 2 classes free.
That also depends on the rotation with every account (I think).You may either have scout and shocker/Blazer and Tech.

Hope this helped.

You can start with blazer?
Damn I’m unlucky, I could already be blazing noobs but I’m stuck with scout and shocker.
Thx for your help.

Thx for being helpful too rja12
Hey rja are your gunner sniper instincts some kind of superpower?
The enemies move too fast for me to properly headshot, the best I can do with snipers is playing tf 2 and headshotting a heavy.

RNGesus? Is that how rotation works?

Bomber and Commando are never free,rest just random, 1. and 2. Gen should be the same.

You have a 1/8 chance of getting a gen2 class.

i want slugs pls or take the slug system pls

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