How does POINTS work? (earning points/using points)

Can anyone tell me how, or even if points works? I was under the impression that you earned points by playing games in y8 browser, but I’ve tried this, and nothing. I noticed several have asked this, but for some reason no one seems to have ever responded to them, at least that I can tell.

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Just points…

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I can’t figure out why no one has already answered previous questions users had asked, before me regarding ‘points’ earned, & I truely thank you for responding to mine, but I don’t understand your answer “Just points…”. Do you mean you don’t do/use them for anything, so they’re just for looks/fluff/eye candy? When I noticed that next to my user name (in black, in drop down menu) that I had (somehow) earned ‘20 points’ (was written in red, I assumed, so your user wouldn’t miss this info). I wanted to find out how I got the 20 points, so I read thru the FAQ’s, as well as the TOS, and did see somewhere there, about you earned points by playing the games, but nothing else (like what my earned points were good for/how & on what they can be exchanged/reedemed for).

My question(s) are:

1)How many times do I have to play a game/games to earn points; When/from doing what, will get me additional point(s),and are there any other ways I can earn points (like posting in forums, or ?), and

  1. What can I do with my points (ie can I spend them on things such as buying personal icon upgrades, or maybe game time with no ads, or maybe they can be used to buy entry(ies) into drawing, or even exchanged for gift cards and/or other merchandise)?

If points earned were visable to everyone, we could use the number to at least gage how much time/experience (= points earned) other users have playing game(s), before challenging other’s in game, with looser loosing point(s), which are given to winner, but as no one can see anyone else’s points, then, truely, what’s the whole point of points? Why do we earn points for playing, if those points are ‘just points’, which will do nothing but accumulate anyway? If this is the case, I have a suggestion; Just get rid of the whole earning/accumulation of points, as it is really nothing more than, to a few users, eye candy, but for all the rest of us, nothing more than, like my junk drawer, clutter.

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Does your keyboard feel nice? I would assume you get a sort of enjoyment from tapping the keys, after that whole paragraph for no reason.

This is an old post but you gain points by playing a game with the Y8 API integration (leaderboards/account save) for over 10 minutes or an hour.

Points don’t really have any use besides site wide leaderboards on what uses have the most points.

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