πŸ•³ Hole io β€” Or how to be a bottomless pit


Hole io from the French studio Vodoo :fr: and recently published on Y8.com is a multiplayer arcade game with a flavor of Battle Royale and a twist of physics.

The principle is simple: you play a curious black hole and you have to devour everything that is within your reach in a city in 3D. Of course, at the beginning, you are too small to gobble up a building and you will have to be satisfied with small objects but the more you β€œeat” the more you get bigger, allowing you to β€œeat” larger and larger objects and gain more points.

You are not alone in this city! The β€œClassic” mode is a timed survival mode. You have 2 minutes to eat everything and get the best score.
The β€œBattle” mode is an all-out battle royale. Starting out with 20 evenly matched opponents, your mission in this game mode is to survive to the end by becoming the biggest black hole on the board!

With a surprisingly nice 3D design, which goes from a 3D city to a Sci-Fi map through traditional Japan or the Medieval world.
Hole io is a fun little game highly recommended! :grinning:

Watch out for indigestion! :nauseated_face:

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