Hobbies or other interests

This is my puzzle box and wire puzzles collection, I have 33 in total and have solved all of them, solve time varying from 3 days to 5 mins.
Sorry for the crummy picture if you want one out of the box or a closer look at one let me know.

Any of you have any hobbies?

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Wow that’s a lot of puzzle my favorite activity is watching movies


What type are your favorite?
I like war, horror and documentary type moives

Reading and skating for sure!

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What is your favorite book

I just finished Clive Barkers Book Of Blood series really great if you like short horror stories.

I like fantasy and some horror movie

Ice skating or figure skatin

I like reading and drawing

No, I mean skateboarding

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I love to watch skateboard but never done it

It’s really fun! You should try it sometime! I like watching it too, that’s what made me wanna start skateboarding.

My other activities prevent me from trying it out

Awh. That’s too bad. But you should consider learning sometime soon! Maybe not this year, but next year or so!

I take jiu-jitsu and if I hurt myself skateboarding ( and I know I would) I couldn’t do it

Getting hurt is part of it. I’m a very clumsy person and I’ve gotten hurt before. Everyone does tbh. I usually laugh it off. It helps.

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Yeah I understand now sorry I misunderstood I can’t do anything with wheels accept biking

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It’s alright! I see where you would’ve mistaken it.

Yeah, I like running this game. It’s heavily similar to Portal 2 and I am very sure you guys will like it.

Also this game was on Y8 but there was a sitelock. So the game got removed as soon as I notified the Y8 staff.

Y8 Games