Hide Online me met error



le jeu ne marche pas sa me met ’ oops error’


We fixed it please check again.


Le jeu ne fonctionne pas, ca écrit : OUPS, ERROR


can you try to clean your cache or try other browser ?


its not working on my side…it says error…please help


when i log in it still says the error thing


if have you tried in new browser and still not working, please send the screenshot.


after coming apon this new error i just cleared my browser history like last time and everything was fine :grinning:


Hide keeps saying auth_failed


Do shift + browser refresh button to clear cache. It should work


good morning, afternoon, night family to #hide online :family_man_woman_girl_boy:
I have a problem with the game and it is that I see a small window where it tells me there is an error with the server
what can I do?
who helps me?
how do I solve it?

help me I need to play #hide online

Thank you for your attention and collaboration

TOIXERR :sunglasses: