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Game: Hide Online Game

**Problem:**Keeps on saying that I’m cheating (using wall_hack) But I’m not I literally can’t play :frowning:


This keep happening to me and im not cheating at all


Hey! exactly the same thing is happening to me, I’m still looking for a solution, supposedly you have to remove the “tricks” but what tricks? if they were never used and I never had them :confused:


Same here, like what cheats or tricks cause im just playing it normally




Its been 3 days for me and still cant play


same thing happend to me! i keep asking them to solve the problem but no one answers me.


its been 3 days… thats unacceptable! no one answers no one check it out. i ve been really pissed off!


They don’t answer me either, I don’t understand why, I haven’t been able to play in days


Hi guys, the game works for me.

@Ankit same old problem?


Hello Nox, I will speak for everyone, since we have the same problem.
About 4 or 5 days ago, they took us out of the game for cheating, I have no problem with that game taking this measure for those who use cheating but do you know what my problem is? I’ve never used any kind of trick, and from what I see in the comments, the other players either! They accuse us of something we have not done and we can no longer play, can you explain why this error?


Not really sure how to help u because I have no issues with it. Tried on a different browser or account?


hola carim, tu me conoces como dskjkjds, yo tampoco puedo jugar, incluso restaure la computadora y volvi a nivel 1, me aparecio el mismo problema que tu, que me ha desconectado del juego por hacer trampa, me dice que desconecte todas las trampas y regrese al juego pero no se como hacerlo,


en fin. me gustaria volvera jugar contigo me divertia mucho, tambien cuando perdia, solo quiero solucionar este error


Carim ya solucione el error, solo tienes que usar otro navegador como microsoft edge, y si me deja, no me aparece lo de wall hack


Hola, si me acuerdo de ti… extraño ganarte xD, vale entonces uso otro navegador verdad? probare Graciaas


This game doesn’t work for me


an “internal_error” now makes it impossible to play.


an “internal_error”


internal error is now unknown error. As a “new user” I can’t post a screen shot

even though my account is over a year old I’m still “new” ffs