Hi, help me, please

I have this error message, how do i fix this ? :
Sorry, Google Chrome can’t run this app

You are using Google Chrome that does not support the Unity Web Player plugin needed to run this app.
We recommend using another browser, such as [Internet Explorer], [Firefox] or [Opera].


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Do u want be friends

Thanks !

Yes, but i want to solve my problem more(

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Maybe message one of the mods they may be able to help you out @slava245

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How to send a message to a mods ?

Just tap on their named and then tap the message button try bad request he’s pretty good

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This guy

I can’t find message button

Right under his name

uses microsoft edge

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@slava245 how are,u today

You can use the Y8 Browser or Internet Explorer 11 (on Windows 10 or some Windows 7 PCs)

I think Microsoft Edge as well.

Good morning ! Your problem is simple: games using Unity Webplayer technology are no longer supported by recent browsers.

It’s sometimes unfortunate, but that’s the way technologies evolve.

It may still be possible to play it with older versions of the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser, but it is not guaranteed.

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