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Yeah i’d go with speed reduction over defense/hp reduction. Its their scouting ability thats the problem


I agree with @Charlemane2 & @meatcove,If they can reduce the speed of the class alone the tank would get a huge nerf.


@killerbean419 Thanks!


A simple meaning of outdated would be not having something that is there in the game yet in the guide.
Hence,the guide is not outdated,I’ll be done with the rest of the Hero’s by today,if you don’t find this one helpful,feel free to go check Andrea’s gunner guide.





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I dont mean tank should be buffed at all, just speed reduction alone


tank needs to get reduced to maximum 60 mph.


I meant to say nerf :joy::joy:


Too low?..


Sorry for comapring FFT to Overwatch (OW), but if you look at the tank from overwatch, it is really slow, it can only ‘walk or slow jog’. The only way it get faster is by using its E in OW.

Same thing in FFT but the only way it will be more tolerable would be if it was never able to above 60mph and leaving the rest of the QEF with same timings and damage.

I wish there was a way where devs could create a simulation for a day, where these ^ or other changes are applied just to test out.


I have only been saying this since the beginning but either from pure ignorance or selfish fallacy, no one has listened.


I think that’s a great idea. In fact, I’ve been thinking about it for ages myself.


Some of the comments would be more convenient on the “Suggestions” thread tbh.


Other games have them , theyre called sandbox, different from test servers. sandbox everything is changeable, test server the devs implement changes to test.


I’m confused as well.


mhmm :confused:


Lel, Tech isn’t harmless, and spamming orbcaster isn’t always how you’ll need to play. Also you mentioned Tanks insta-kill then you say how to insta-kill, and then it states that there’s a possibility of them dying to an insta kill, if it’s an insta kill isn’t it normal for the enemy dying from it?


It is harmless when your focusing on healing rather than focusing on getting kills.
In my expierience I barely switch to my pulser.

Its about half of what you need to do/know to play shocker.

Yes I stated the insta-kill,I explained how to do it,and yes there is a possiblity.
Possibility as in the other player may not always die if its a hero other that scout,assassin,bomber,
Unless you have mega that is
And.yes it is normal for them to die. (instantly)