Hero Balance


Actually if u check BR on Commando, u gonna notice it does more damage now. Numbers in values are not changed but there was something in Webgl that made BR more effective. Feel free to try it out. Blazer went a bit (cough, a lot) broken and at this moment, he is stronger than Blaster xD

Bomber would be too op buffed, I believe balance is nice on him. Hail already slows and in combo with mini or flaire it is a really good weapon especially vs Tank.

On the rest I would agree with whisper actually. Shocker is slow and swishy, with help of ur teammate that plays Scout, Gunner, whatever, it’s easy to take a single Shocker out. Like some maps are not great for Shocker and there Assassin can dominate a lot (space stat, Arena)

Tech needs some sort of rework, I agree. Turret is really weak and he is squishy as hell.

Both - Tank and Blaster should be slower.