Here we go again, dry as it was

bro i went dry for 1 week
everyone who was keeping the forum alive are officially dry
i need some drama and tea happening
WhErE DiD IT Go??
where is the mysteryplayer tea
honestly i just need the website to be a bit active

hope when i get my finals in may 8, suddenly the whole website goes active and tea and drama happen

this website is dry solid
just like me :sob:

btw i didn’t mean that the situation was fun
but it was drama

i should stop replying to myself
i wanna make game forums but they turn out dead after i make them

you should talk to the great and powerful dracula narivenus
download (14)

here you go dudedracula

you said wanted something

thx dracula but since is place is bone dry, i decided to join a kpop forum so i am dry too

okay… which one maybe i can join in

its called but thats only if you listen to korean pop or japanese pop
i have the same username btw

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