Help me,ankit see this topic and help me

guys my kajoklqlnld has stolen by someone i am not available at the game so if someone is using kajo acc report them

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yes i know ealier Mar.Tonysteve36 gave me to play with
but then idk what happened
i am not been also play with it
Mar.Tonysteve36 has it
or maybe Mar.Admin_Alex has it

saujanya that acc has everything fully upgraded so i asked ,and now i sus that akhil is tonysteve36 and btw Tonysteve36 ac is banned by that bastard admin alex and i know it when R.JAYA JASWANTH acc was stolen by mar ian it all happened when i was in a under cover with a guest acc


Tonysteve36 acc is with me atm

Mar.Ian is not playing FFT atm and that is Admin ALex using a fake Mar.Ian acc

and it is true Akhil is Tony aka Justine


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