Help me,ankit see this topic and help me

guys my kajoklqlnld has stolen by someone i am not available at the game so if someone is using kajo acc report them




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yes i know ealier Mar.Tonysteve36 gave me to play with
but then idk what happened
i am not been also play with it
Mar.Tonysteve36 has it
or maybe Mar.Admin_Alex has it

saujanya that acc has everything fully upgraded so i asked ,and now i sus that akhil is tonysteve36 and btw Tonysteve36 ac is banned by that bastard admin alex and i know it when R.JAYA JASWANTH acc was stolen by mar ian it all happened when i was in a under cover with a guest acc


Tonysteve36 acc is with me atm

Mar.Ian is not playing FFT atm and that is Admin ALex using a fake Mar.Ian acc

and it is true Akhil is Tony aka Justine


hi soujanya its me keymon blazerblast gave this acc the acc kajoklqlnld was my acc akhil stole that acc but soujanya i dont have any acc to play with and i want an alonedark acc which has been fully ugraded if u get plz give me

ok i will see and search

@Ankit help

So Justine Is Akhil? btw im Mar. THUNDERBOLT Mar.TONYSTEVE36 also hack my acc any help plss i can’t get password reset instruction cuz Mar.TONYSTEVE36 changed my in game email

soujanya i got an acc ChetMayNe given by r.jaya jaswanth but idk the email so can u share me any acc ???

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