Have you ever like felt sad for no reason?


Recently, I’ve been feeling kinda “depressed”. It feels wrong for me to say that I have depression lol.
I know it isn’t right for me to say these things cause I don’t have a reason for the way I’m feeling right now. I haven’t been diagnosed with depression, so I can’t say that I do have it, although I have the same symptoms as my friend who has been diagnosed. All I know is that I’m hurting and feeling sad and I don’t know why. I went through minimal trauma as a child. And even so, my sisters have made me believe it wasn’t a big deal and meant nothing. those memories of those traumas still haunt me till this day. But for all I know I’m overreacting and victimizing myself. I want a reason to feel the way I feel. Sometimes I think that I’m feeling this way for attention, and want to be edgy. Or just because I can. I know it’s not okay to feel these things. But being told the way I feel is fake because I haven’t gone through anything, that hurts me. And people don’t realize it. Or maybe that do, I can’t really tell. But I honestly, just want it all to stop.


me to!


yeh sometimes


yea it suckss


It’s actually normal to feel sad sometimes. That happens to everybody. But if you think you have the same symptoms as your friend who has been diagnosed, then I believe you should get yourself checked too. You need to know that you don’t necessarily need a reason to be depressed. There are people out there who have loving families, supportive friends, a good job, yet they’re still buried in the depths of their depression. You don’t have to invalidate what you feel just because you don’t have a reason to feel this way. It’s not healthy to surround yourself with people who invalidate your feelings as well. Talk to the people you trust. I know there’s someone who cares. You can talk to me as well whenever you feel like it. I’m no therapist, and we don’t know each other, but we can talk. Friends start from being strangers, anyway. I hope you’re doing well <3


yeah you’re my friend :sob:


We Teenagers Often Suffer From This…Don’t Be Sad … Enjoy Your Life::smile::smile:


Hey Guys!!