Has anyone played Hungry Shark Arena yet?

Hello people! :rainbow:

Today I want to share my thoughts about Hungry shark Arena, available here on Y8.


Hungry Shark Arena is the newest game from the Hungry Shark series by the game studio giant Ubisoft. In this online multiplayer battle royale game, you fight for survival against other sharks. The last shark standing wins and gets to proceed to the next level. :shark:

The game has clear graphics and great design. The gameplay is smooth and simple. The action music will get you pumped up and keep the tension high throughout the game.

To play, just use your mouse to control your shark and double click to dash and attack your opponents.


Beginning of the game

First, the sharks will all be carried by helicopters before they get released and dropped into the water.


Before the battle

After that, you will be protected by a shield for about a minute and have the opportunity to peacefully hunt for fish in order to grow before the real battle against the other sharks begins.


Let the battle begin!

I managed to grow to an M-sized shark!

But this is only the beginning. My shield is gone, so I will be subject to attack by bigger sharks.

Keep in mind that you can’t start off going for the big sharks! If you are a smaller sized shark, you have to climb up the food chain by eating smaller fish and attacking other smaller or same-sized sharks before you can take on the big guys.

The small sized shark in the left corner looks yummy! :star_struck:


Game Over

Awww no chance for an M sized shark to win against this big guy…

Guess I still need some practice… But hey, I made it to the second rank!



This game is really addictive!

I have to say I am not the biggest fan of battle royale games, but this one really got me hooked! Rather than getting demotivated by my quick loss, I found myself retrying the game over and over again. It is challenging and thrilling!

If you generally don‘t think of yourself as a non-competitive person, this game will change your mind. Seeing yourself grow after devouring the remains of your opponents will activate the killer shark in you. :smiling_imp:

Have you played the game yet? If yes, let me know your secret tips! :wink:

Hungry Shark Arena Game - Play online at Y8.com


Cool game

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