Happy Moment

send your proof about moment killed a pro in this game

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first time

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second time

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hey kien
if you see Nin_433 say hello for me its long time i didn t see him

i cannot play Freefall tournament sometime it slow or to much lag

what i have got i never got this while i play this game

Bruh I hae killed a Marshall in freefall tournament stop joking around ahhahaha!

I have killed more than just 5

hey visha, do you want know more about bomb jump


but can you make video say about all website can play fft?

20 minutes to win and chance to win or lose is 50%

hmmmmm, yesterday i saw him


i also kill a marshal in 1v1 with him
i am col and kill mar

I killed to many Marshall’s and G2 and G5 and G3 and G4 and G1

lolololol me, killed player has rank G(number 1,2,3,4,5,6) so much

i didnt saw you for a long time tho

Y8 Games