Hackers in Freefall Tournament

MAJ. ZAPPARO_GAMER is a hacker. SgM. Melissa is a hacker. Please ban them. They use tank and abuse no cooldown shield. They spam f bombs. They are faster than the speed of light. I cannot send yet the picture or video evidences due to that I’m a new user. Thanks.

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Your message has been recorded thanks for reporting, we will get back to you after “Christmas”, As our team is busy making snowflakes, so kindly be patient, also you may avoid them by providing them with your own personal card details,(if any) or your dad’s credit card information. So that you may avoid any conflicts that may occur, hence resolving the matter peacefully.

Best Regards
Y8 Team,

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lol wtf rank fsat Maj and Col ?


I know,bruh

Just be better bro

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