⚔ Hack & Slash battle with War Lands

War Lands is an exciting RPG game with awesome graphics and its also easy to play! You will start as a warrior who can specialize his skills in either sword or magical abilities. If you like RPG games you will love this browser playable version. It’s like 3D action-adventure game with roguelike elements and you play hack and slash against skeletons, trolls and many other enemies that will drop new items and weapons when you kill them. :crossed_swords:


Play as hero mage and use powerful staff to shoot enemies :mage:


Grab that shiny new weapon and put it into your inventory by pressing “F” key


Prepare for levels with various traps


Some level with extremely challenging obstacles. I prefer to use the sword with healing skills here :crossed_swords:


Use it to self heal your hero :heart:


Open your Inventory to see the collection of weapons you and swap them when needed, just drag and drop the weapons


Use the money to make upgrades to your character


When your hero dies, you return to this area and you get new weapon to start the battle all over again


Finally, get ready to battle and kill this huge Orc monster


Keep upgrading your Hero’s skill and continue your battle quest to new maps!

The battle does not stop in War Lands! I’m quite sure you will have fun time playing this game while enjoying the awesome graphics and RPG vibes! :wink: Enjoy playing this game here at Y8.com!

Play this game here :arrow_down:

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