⚔ Hack-and-slash enemies with Hero 1 Claws and Blades

Hero 1: Claws and Blades is another exciting 3d game in the hero fight series game here at Y8.com! Ready to face groups of minions in a town chasing you? Like Wolverine, you only have claws and blades as your weapon. Slash them with your claws to destroy them! Are you ready for this challenge? Play now this exciting game brought to you by Y8.com!


Slashing baddies to pieces is your hero’s only way to win! So get your sharp claws dirty! :red_circle: (Note: Play at your discretion as this game has blood and gore :warning: )


These minions will be busy trying to get their hands on you :honeybee:


Use the circular slash when baddies are ganging up on you! :boom:


Jump-Smash for a powerful attack! :boom: :muscle:


This baddie can come running around like a head less chicken :chicken: :joy: :rofl:


Unfazed, this baddie goes ahead and chase you even with a single leg :sweat_smile:


They can’t chase you on top of the roof :houses: :smoking: , but watch out for shooters

Up to what level can you reach playing this game? Enjoy playing while you save your progress with Y8 account feature. If you enjoyed this game, share it to your friends! and keep enjoying this game brought to you by Y8.com!

Play this game here :arrow_down:

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