Guys, do you mind helping me out?

Okay, so one of my friends is talking about killing herself and I don’t know what to do. She won’t listen to me and she said she’ll do it when she wants to. I’m usually good with this stuff, but she’s pretty stubborn. Anything helps, thanks!

Did you let her parents know that she want to kill her self

She just told me like and hour or 2 ago. She told me to keep it a secret… but if I tell she might just hate me…

Tell someone asap they can be mad but at least they will be alive

Tell her parents but don’t tell her

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Alright. Tysm.

i your mad

Dose she read the forum

Nah. I don’t think any of my in-person friends (including her) even know about the forum-

Keep us updated SB I’m generally concerned about your friend, there is all kinds of help out there.

Keep me updated

I gotchu

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I would notify her parents to make them seek a professional. But again sometimes people use suicide threats to manipulate you to continue interacting with them. But still, please have someone help them out. Call a mental healthline for them


Let them have some time to themselves. Maybe they are a bit wound up

i am sorry

It’s okay

okay, can we be friend

Do you want to be friends

Sorry, no. I don’t want to friend people I don’t know

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Hey @SmolBean
Any updates on your friend?
I’m generally concerned.

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