Guys be careful

there’s a player named virus when youre waiting for the game to start he blames you for glitching and records you yet the room wasnt glitching he came and froze one of the station rooms you can ask neon

Virus is Nathan. Don’t worry, we gonna handle this smartass.
Thanks for warning Hawk :smile:

IDK why I am not getting DCed everytime he does that… its so annoying and waste of time. He’s active this time, roaming servers 1 by 1 and crashing it.

Seriously WTF, I can’t even stay atleast 5 minutes in a room, I wanna go to his house and shiv him to bits.


Ay sorry, my unity crashed. Ill go on as soon as it starts working again .-.

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welcome :slight_smile:

Don’t worry too much about him. Yeah, that dc is annoying, i get it, im trying to help with it as much as i can right now.
I would please all players to stop to believe in every single lie he says. No, he is not able to kick moderators. No, he never hacked fb of devs, never made slug glitch or cash/xp glitch.
What he uses is third party hack and that gonna be solved soon. Including Nathan story, that won’t last long either.
Thanks for understanding, we wish we can do this faster, but sadly it’s not possible at this moment.

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Yiunhave all the time in the world.

Before he makes a new alt.

Because of that we gonna treat him differently :stuck_out_tongue:

wdym DC

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