👂 Good Ear Doctor! A Fun and Serious Doctor Game

:hospital: Good Ear Doctor a fun doctor sim game to play. :muscle: :ear: . Wouldn’t it be great to be an ear doctor! :ear: Clearing up all those nasty infections with your super skills, taking your patients’ aches and pains away, and making everyone happy! :girl::dancer:

Here we have many awesome medical tools and interesting treating processes, which make you feel like a real and powerful doctor! :hospital: :bone:

We have two tasks to complete, one is to treat and another is dress up :dress: and decorate.
This poor girl is having tons of problems with one of her ears! :ear: Her piercings are infected and some icky mites are running around in her ear canal. :spider:

Can you quickly treat her conditions in this online medical game?


• beautiful high-quality HD graphics
• intuitive, easy to use user interface
• infinite gameplay with numerous combinations
• offers types of equipment in doctor’s offices with emergency room (ER doctor)
• includes thematic minigames

looking right inside their ears :ear: with the proper equipment and then using their expert doctor skills to clean up those poor ears and put a smile on everyone’s’ face! :smile:

Sometimes it can be really painful for the patient to remove the virus and other stuff from their ears. But never feel sorry for them, and continue to treat them. Believe this treatment is for the patient’s good. :hospital: :skull_and_crossbones:

Try to become a good doctor and help all your patients and treat them and get rid of all their illnesses.

Finally, dress up and decorate the poor little girl :dress: and make her really beautiful and cute with all the accessories available here. Finally do not forget to post your best and cute screenshot to your account. :dress:

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This good ear doctor game nailed it. It’s actually a funny game, and I play it mostly in my free time. But it effectively highlights every procedure that a doctor performs during an ear checkup.

Thanks for sharing this, Annumamatha.

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