Gods of Arena Official Help, Walkthrough, Tips and Tricks

Gods of Arena game presents a new level of arena battles filled with 100 different quests, 3 epic cities to raid through, more than 50 unique weapons (including legendary artifacts which are given as rewards), a party of up to 5 warriors, and the all-might Emperor who is gladly awaiting his next opponent…
Are you ready to face the immortals, warrior, and secure your place into the Gods of Arena game? Pick your sword, bow or axe, grab a shield or net or another sword in your other hand, choose your weaponry path, and pray to the Gods to assist you in battle!

Play Gods of Arena game.
Share your comments and useful tactics for completing Gods of Arena Walkthrough topic. Have fun!


I’ll start first by saying Gods of Arena is really great action game, and now wonder when it comes by IriySoft. Great job, guys!

My tactics/tips/tricks and help, are:

  • do the achievements fast, as their rewards will definitely boost your gameplay with epic items, or with significant amount of earned gold
  • increase your team as fast as possible, until you reach up to 5 soldiers. Then organize their skills, weapons, and order (this is extremely important in battle, because sending archers in first line won’t be good for them)
  • gamble sometimes, but not based on the multiplying factor always. The weapon type of weapon (skill) is important when you gamble, so choose wisely before placing the next bet.
  • Touch of Death sword = rules in start-mid game, and sometimes, in the last levels of the game. Buy one immediately.

That’s all for now :slight_smile: What are your tips/tricks, GoA champions?

Too often disconnected these times :frowning:


Hi, I really wanted to show my gladiator!

When betting, if either side has a trident, spear, or weapon with touch of death, they will always win. Go for broke. If they don’t, well, (closes app right before fight ends and reopens it) I guess that sucks for you

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