👗 Girly Indian Wedding || Explore Gorgeous Traditional Indian Dresses

Hello guys, have you ever experienced Indian weddings, The most beautiful and colorful dresses and beauty you can see at Indian Weddings? So here is a glimpse of Indian weddings through this Girly Indian Wedding is a fun dress-up and makeover game to play. :wedding: :india: :dress: :bride_with_veil: :heart: :tada:

Help our little princess to get ready for an Indian wedding. we all know there will be full of colors at an Indian wedding. :dress: :dancer:

You have to take care of various categories for the Indian way of dressing and makeovers. various lehengas and jewelry are available in our wardrobes. Select the perfect makeover and wedding attire which can be a red lehenga or any other. :dress:

Here are some dresses and makeovers we have selected for her. :dress:

My personal favorite is this Red floral lehenga with pink hair color and some matching ornaments to it.

But another dress also seems interesting, a striped lehenga check them out and bring your creativity out haha. :dress:

Make the bride look gorgeous and share screenshots to your account and challenge your friends. Have fun playing this game only on y8.com :bride_with_veil: :tada:

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