Games of the Week | #29-4 January - Feb 2024

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  1. Scrap Divers

Dive into an incredible fast-paced retro obstacle course featuring a cute robot in the game Scrap Divers!


  1. Angry Plants Fighting

Angry Plants is a thrilling survival contest where charming and remarkable Plants face off against fearsome monsters.


  1. Ant Flow

Ant Flow is a fun puzzle game where you need to use your creativity to solve puzzles.


  1. Decor Bedroom

Decor Bedroom is a fun room-decorating game to play. Enjoy and prepare the room very tidy and colorful.


  1. Olly the Paw

Olly the Paw in an idle adventure where you will help an adorable little bear to collect fruits, earn money and expand his small land into a huge farm


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