Games of the Week | #27 May - 2 June 2024

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  1. Doodle Baseball

Doodle Baseball offers a patriotic and fun way to celebrate Independence Day by immersing players in the beloved sport of baseball. This quirky and entertaining online game takes a unique twist on the sport, allowing players to step up to the plate as various classic ballpark foods like hotdogs and nachos with cheese, while facing off against a comical opposing team of peanuts. grab your virtual bat, step up to the plate as a delicious food item, and swing for the fences in Doodle Baseball. Enjoy playing this fun baseball game here at!

  1. My Perfect Hotel

My Perfect Hotel is fun management game that you can play here at! Have you ever dreamed of running your own hotel? Start from the ground up in this fun and fast-paced time-management game where the aim is to build an accommodation empire and demonstrate your dedication to hospitality. Show your skills as a hotel manager, invest wisely in staff and property improvements, and work your socks off to become a hospitality tycoon in this addictive and entertaining casual hotel simulator game here at!

  1. All Golf!

All Golf is a fun 3D golf game where you control different objects and animals. Use the mouse to aim and throw objects at the red flag. Start playing this crazy golf game with non-standard rules right now and try to overcome all obstacles. Play the All Golf game at Y8 now and try to complete all the crazy levels. Have fun.

  1. Pizza Fall

Pizza Fall is a fun arcade game with a pizza hero. In this game, you play as a slice of pizza. You must fight against strange plants, wild animals, and fast food. Jump on platforms and shoot enemies to smash them. You can use the game points to buy a new upgrade. Play this arcade game at Y8 and have fun.

  1. Stickman Team Detroit

Stickman Team Detroit is an epic battle game between stickmen and street enemies. You can play this game with your friend to survive and defeat all the enemies. Play the Stickman Team Detroit game at Y8 now and try to unlock all upgrades to become a winner. Have fun.

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