Games of the Week | #22-28 January 2024

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  1. Energy Loop

Get ready for satisfying and anti-stress puzzle game with Energy! In this game, your mission is to click or tap on the lines and connect them to make a complete loop. When a line connects to a lamp, guess what happens? Yep, it lights up! Your goal is to light up all the lines and finish the level. The game has a super chill design and a relaxing soundtrack to make you feel all calm and happy. Plus, it’s like a little puzzle that helps take away stress! As you play, the game will get a bit trickier by adding more cool stuff and power sources. Can you complete all the levels in Energy and create awesome images with your connecting skills? Enjoy playing this connecting puzzle game here at!

  1. Roxie’s Kitchen: Japanese Curry

Hi everyone, Roxie, our beloved chef, is back with another delicious meal from Roxie’s Kitchen: Japanese Curry. Play this entertaining game, gather every thing, and make the ideal Japanese curry to enjoy this amusing game. Gather the chicken first, then cut it into perfectly sized pieces. Gather all the ingredients and thoroughly combine them. After that, rinse the rice, combine it with the chopped vegetables to create the ideal recipe, and arrange the rice on lovely plates and glasses to adorn it. Lastly, outfit our tiny Roxie in the epitome of Japanese elegance. Play more games only on

  1. Meansweeper

Delve into the captivating realm of multiplayer Meansweeper, where players embark on an enthralling quest to uncover tiles and emerge victorious. This dynamic game adheres to the classic Meansweeper rules, offering a strategic and engaging experience. Strategize with your fellow players, carefully revealing tiles to unravel the mystery beneath, and triumph in this thrilling multiplayer rendition of the timeless Meansweeper challenge.

  1. That’s a Warp

That’s a Warp is a 2D challenging sokoban puzzle game where you need to solve all the 20 levels. Engage in a mental workout as you navigate through these intricately designed puzzles, testing your problem-solving skills to the fullest. With each level, expect new challenges and obstacles that will keep you on your toes. Play the That’s a Warp game on Y8 now and have fun.

  1. Tebo

Tebo is a puzzle physics-based platforer game where you need to complete all 50 levels. You need to solve physics puzzles to overcome spikes and obstacles. Play this amazing puzzle game at Y8 and try to solve as many levels as you can. Have fun.

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This week we had better new games than normal in my opinion.

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