Games of the Week | #18 June - 23 June 2024

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  1. Woodworm
    “Woodworm” is a charming puzzle game designed for the PICO-8 platform. In this engaging game, players take on the role of a worm with a unique artistic mission which is to carve wooden replicas of various objects.
    Woodworm | Play Now Online for Free -

  2. Flames & Fortune
    This game challenges players to navigate through a dungeon with a Piro-Paladin, aiming to clear all 54 cards in the deck while accumulating as many coins as possible and ensuring the Paladin’s life points never drop to zero.
    Flames & Fortune | Play Now Online for Free -

  3. Hyper Cars Ramp Crash
    Perform incredible stunts in many different modes with great looking cars. 7 different super-sport car models are waiting in the garage for you to try them.
    Hyper Cars Ramp Crash | Play Now Online for Free -

  4. Ultra Pixel Survive 2
    Command heroes with unique abilities, gather natural resources to produce materials, then build and develop your military defenses. Enemy hordes will attack the village, challenging your strategic and tactical abilities to survive. Explore dark underground dungeons and battle against gigantic bosses!
    Ultra Pixel Survive 2 | Play Now Online for Free -

  5. Lightning Katana
    “Lightning Katana Gaiden” is a dynamic first-person slasher game that integrates both gunplay and swordplay into its core mechanics, offering players a unique and exhilarating combat experience.
    Lightning Katana | Play Now Online for Free -

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