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Hello I uploaded my first game “Every Voltage Counts” through y8 upload 2days ago, I would like to know how long will it take to be approved or is it rejected? Thank you.

it takes me 8 to 12 days for my two games

You need to wait a month of two if no response then it is rejected

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I can’t find any game with this name in our files :confused:

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I’ve made another attempt to upload the game just now. Would you mind checking it again? Your assistance is much appreciated. Thanks a lot!

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I see it now :slight_smile: Sent for review and hopefully it will be released soon.


Yes I also see it now.
Every Voltage Counts | Play Now Online for Free -
Your game should be good.
My laptop is not made for webgl 2 as those games does not loads and responds on it but still It should be good.

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It is released here is link:
Every Voltage Counts | Play Now Online for Free -

Are you new at y8 Forum

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