Game submission questions

Hi, I uploaded my game Adventuers In Tmenya as a zip and also put it as an application, and am wondering about the status of it, thanks in advance for any information.

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In the docs it says that games that are partnered can take 4-5 days to be put on. Mine is not partnered so I guess it will take longer, but I would not mind knowing how much longer, some sort of notification as to what exactly is going on. I can give the game to you in about any way you want, ideally I’d like the zip to be what you use, but if you prefer to have it be hosted in an iframe I think I did give a link for that too as part of the application details. I have many more that I would like to share, if there is anything you’d like me to change for the versions that would go on here, I can do that.

You already have two of my games on here without me even doing anything; Subsist Zombie was uploaded to here by someone else not me, and that is perfectly great, back in the flash days that would happen many times over, I expected and hoped for it to happen. So far in my last year or so of releasing some minor web games, Robot Street Obliteration is the first to get uploaded on this prominent site without me doing anything, I was overjoyed! I would very much like to begin to put the other games on here, starting with Adventures in Tmenya, thank you very much in advance for your attention and help.

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