Game Review Suggestions!

Since I have no ideas I chose the best popular games on If you got any suggestions reply.
Please & thank you :blush:

Hide Online
Death Run 3D
Fall Guys and Girls

Also I only make a review twice a week.

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I have a meme suggestion. It’s a fangame that has a y8 integration so if you wanna review it, it’s under my Point section on my profile on the main site. Also don’t ask why I play it a lot. It’s fun for no reason and there’s a speedrun leaderboard for it soo I guess… :skull:


Aside from that, I also want you to review Orion Sand Enhanced. It’s sort of a Terraria clone and it’s a pretty fun game to play unlike other clones that just don’t have any effort put into it.


Can’t review it because Flash isn’t working anymore at this point.

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You can download the Y8 Browser client that supports flash content. If not then you can use an app known as “Puffin Browser” if you have a chromebook and it supports the Play Store. It also has Flash support


Thanks! Our try to find a way to play it.

I just realize I forgot to add a poll (fuck me i guess) 0_0

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