Game: Maximum Acceleration - lag

**Game: Maximum Acceleration

**Problem: After a few minutes of playing, I start getting some lag. It quickly becomes so bad that I can’t play the game anymore. The tracks with only 3 laps can be played once. Then I have to reload the page to play again. The tracks with 4 laps, can’t be played - by the time you get about half way through the last lap, the lagging problem starts again. And if you fight it hard enough to reach the finish line, the game doesn’t finish. The lag gets so bad, the screen only updates about 2 or 3 times per second. No longer smooth like a move but rather like a slide show. It didn’t use to do this. And I’ve found it does it on all websites that have this game. Can’t figure out who the author is to tell them about it. HELP!

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