Game is registering a defeat to teams who won


Seeing this happening more and more.
Some game rooms always register defeats to teams that have won by hundreds of points.

Hard to believe this is a glitch - more likely the server moderator is doing it.
Also there are frequent disconnects that seem to be strategic in nature.
Any there are conditions where this behaviour is accepted?

Freefall is a great game, but this behaviour is going to drive people away.


Sweety, there is no server moderator nor no one spy when u go into the game to disconect u.
Jokes on side, it’s a bug on our side, dunno when it will be fixed or if it will be fixed at all.


Servers don’t administer themselves. The pattern of of the flawed behaviour indicates a human actor rather than a systemic fault.


Reboot comes from people of every 5-6h or so, but no one goes in the game for that. That what are u talking about is issue in code that is not solved yet, happened when we switched platforms AND servers.


I complained about this a week or so ago, but it’s relatively fixed. I lost 500+ cash on one day then, now rarely I have this problem. It’s much better now, trust me.

Do understand that FFT isn’t like other games. There are only a few ways for the devs to make money (countable on fingers) compared to other games and they’re very nice to keep it not P2W. As such, the devs can’t make as much money and the servers will of course not be as good as other games.


Its been worked on, you see more and more because we are testing a few things


Thanks for confirming that this is being caused by human actors. Perhaps FFT could publish the server maintenance schedules or send a warning to chat rather than leaving players to wonder wtf is happening.

Also noticing invisible players, unlimited munitions are other issues that could easily be mistaken for hacking. However the login problem from last year seems to be solved.

Speaking of login, is there anyway to get the modal dialog to remember username and password? It is annoying to keep having to type these in.

Thanks for the prompt reply, good work (in spite of dea83’s sarcasm above).
FFT is probably the best example of WebGL in existence. I am sure the devs are having lots of fun with it.
Let me know if you need another dev (you do).


I wasn’t being sarcastic actually, u pointed out how it’s done on purpose while in fact, no one goes in game to cut u for in-game cash (and what do I have from it, anyways?). So to sum things up - yes, servers are rebooted by ppl, but without knowing how many players is currently in the game/how long will every single match last. And ‘defeat’ screen has nothing to do with it.
Ur way to report an issue is really bad, by being rude, if u just scrolled comments in ‘Report bugs’, u could notice this was reported by players and me.

I said the same months ago.

Sometimes being nice has higher value than being skilled/smart at certain fields :slight_smile:


Thanks for fixing this. BTW, the deleted message was intended for a different thread where I was ranked as a G1. You are right, I am fond of trash talk when it comes to gaming.

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