Game hasn't been added to Y8

I submitted my game a few weeks ago and it still isn’t up on the Y8 site.
I tried to submit it again but it says the URL is taken.

I requested a review at the same time as well and I’ve not heard anything back about it.
The App ID is 5825b508bbddbd18de1d0736.

Have I done something wrong?


can you please pm me the link of your game ?


I approved your application on Let’s wait for @Ankit about Y8.

Seems like the game is broken now. I’m seeing nginx error 502 bad gateway.

Hi Eddie,

Yeah that’s a problem on my end. I emailed in 5 days ago and someone said they were going to fix it.
The problem is that my hosting has died and I need the link updating to the storage:

Thanks for keeping an eye on it for me.

ur game isamazin how u do that

it’s a good game but it stresses me

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Trying to submit it again but it says the Redirect URI is not correct

You need to link to the game, we provide hosting options if needed. Recirect uri can be the same as link.

how do i play this game?

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