Game Account Error

Hello Guys I Found An Error That Is Resetting Our Levels When I Leave The Page And Came After a few minutes and my lvl was 86 now it is 1 and my name was +SuPeR NooB+ and it has changed to my id chanuda name please anyone know how to get my lvl back

What is the game

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its hide online [ the prop hunt game]
do u know how to get my lvl back :slight_smile:

I have never got that issue

is there anyway to fix it

Make sure you have logged in since you started playing the game otherwise if you haven’t logged in you will lose all your progress in the game when you leave the page or restart :coffeepepe:

its hide online

I hope someone could give you a solution for it as I cannot :woman_shrugging:t2:

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hmm :frowning:

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