G5 Dino frags three (3) Marshalls at the same time!

There were 4 “Marshalls” on the blue team right from the start of this game.

Should it even be possible for 4 top ranked “Marshalls” to gang up on poor G5 Dino and still get REKT? (see running game log on the lower right).

Is “Marshall” even a real FFT rank? G5 seems to be the highest attainable rank in FFT, and poor G5 Dino proved it AGAIN today.

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You are true bro though people are marshals they seem to play just like sgts or Pfc lmao.
Whereas the real G5 not the fake ones are real people who actually enjoy playing the game


xD Marshal rank is real i see some one Marshal i said how u became Marshal fast and he said "I played more than 10 years xD so Marshal rank is real

“Marshall” is hacked rank, most of them have no skills (see screenshot). Notice I fragged 3 “Marshalls” AND captured the point at the same time. That would be impossible if “Marshalls” outranked G5s.

Also seeing reports that FFT has an XP hack that was used by several players to suddenly get Marshall rank.

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freefall tournament is released in year 2014

so was it a 3 vs 1 or 1 vs 1
i see your HP the red colour one is not full i guess they manage to attack you a little bit
but if you made up to this rank make sure to remember your Y8 account password or otherwise you lose everything you have
playing this as a guest player would not make me win because only those registered Y8 account users can get those stuff
those players whose rank is marshalls their aim were trash anyhow aiming + they don’t know anything about this game so they don’t know how to play

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