G1.visha destroying Marshall's life

So,Kien6127 thought i couldn’t kill a Marshall or even a pro well guess what it happend!!!

And Cuz im a new user i cant upload a Image you’ll have to wait for about 2-4 days maybe for it to work I dont know most about Y8.Forum---------------------------------------

no, i can upload image now, and i just wait 1 minute


Pointless don’t listen to that noob, anyone can kill anyone during Team vs Team, Do the duels to find out who’s better.

wtf. me?

what the f…

lol you trust him? “god” player?

its not about trusting anyone can kill anyone in the game, come on if you are being attacked a random person takes a screenshot “I killed a mar” will that an evidence to prove he’s better ? I don’t think so, also this thread doesn’t makes sense at all.

did you see i said “i am a pro”? it’s just a happy moment, and you can see i said visha couldn’t kill a mar?

and I didn’t say i am better, because G2.Titan support for me

what you mean at tittle " G1.visha destroying Marshall’s life"?

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