🚘 Futuristic Racing 3D: Discover Retrofuturism!




Futuristic Racing 3D is an addictive 3D racing game like never before!

In this WebGL game you can drive hybrid vehicles, a clever mix of American cars from the 40s and 50s and futuristic flying vehicles straight out of the movie “The 5th Element”.

Let yourself be carried away by the retro-futuristic atmosphere, drive quickly but skillfully so as not to collide with the other cars that populate these roads.

Choose from several tracks, from the Arizona roads to those of Asian districts passing through an unknown metropolis with heavy road traffic.
You will have the choice among several game modes too:

  • One lane
  • Two-way traffic
  • Check in time
  • Free race

The cars are very well modeled in a purely retrofuturistic style and make you want to unlock them all.
All with a very rock ‘n’ roll sound atmosphere that combines perfectly.

Don’t wait any longer and start playing Futuristic Racing 3D! :oncoming_automobile:


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