Funny Food Duel! A Food Battle Game

Funny Food Duel! is the best reflexive food catching game with single and dual player modes. :video_game: :canned_food: :hamburger:

Playing this fun game gave me much satisfaction and fun though. Food for animals is really hard to find, so helping them to find food in this game is somewhat soothing for me. :cat2: :dog2: :video_game:
Here we have a list of animals that are very hungry, but the problem is only one can have food. So this became a competition between them to catch the food before its opponent catch it. :racing_car:

So help the little animal to be fast, reflexive, and attentive. :fast_forward: :poultry_leg: :hamburger:

The main motto of this game is to help our pets to catch the food. Sometimes we might have rotten food, frozen food, and healthy food. As pets do not know the real difference while catching the food in a hurry. So let us help them to find healthy food now. :cold_face: :nauseated_face: :poultry_leg:

Just Click or press A to catch the food, as you have to be very attentive, as we can see frozen or rotten food just like this. :drooling_face:

Just avoid them and collect the best and yummy food to eat. :poultry_leg: :hamburger:

Lol, if the pet eats frozen food, it will be frozen :cold_face: for a while, or rotten food makes ill :nauseated_face: for a little while, just collect and make their hunger go away. :cat2: :dog2: :hotdog:

You can select any pet from the list and win the challenge. :dog: :cat: You can play with a computer or your friend, as this is a single and also double player game, have fun playing this game. :computer: :fried_shrimp:

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