Funny Bone Surgery! Funny doctor game

:hospital: Funny Bone Surgery a funny surgical game with load of fun. We all have a fantasy of becoming a doctor and treat all our people. :bone:

Our cute little girl met with a small accident in the backyard, Now she is suffering and crying with pain. Poor girl suffers injuries in her hand and legs. :girl:

You have to treat our cute little girl as a responsible bone :meat_on_bone: doctor. You have to follow three important steps here:

  1. Cleaning
  2. Surgery
  3. Dress up

So first lets clean our cute little girl with water and soap.

She got stuck with some bacteria and virus on her wounds and her bones are experiencing as broken. So first lets start with clearing her wounds which are filled with bacteria and virus.

first sanitize her and kill the bacteria and virus on her wounds and later on we enter into the surgery for broken bones, :hospital: :bone:

You have to cut open her skin to reach to bones, treat the broken bone by equipping with the steel bars and apply bandage to her hand and a leg. :muscle: :bone:

In order to perform the surgery, we have to look into the bones, so lets make a X-Ray for the hand and leg to look the damage caused for bones inside hand and leg. :bone: :meat_on_bone:

Seems like damage is severe, now we have to clip the bone with the steel plate and this grow back intact. After surgery give her a medicine to control the pain and to cure the wounds and stitches. :hospital:

Now our cute little girl will be pain free, so lets make her get ready with beautiful costumes and make her very happy. :dress::cupid:

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My dad’s getting surgery.



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It’s no β€œOK” matter. he’s getting OPEN HEART SURGERY!


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