⚔ Funny Battle: A fun war strategy game!

Funny Battle is an exciting & unique war :crossed_swords: strategy game to play. You can plan your strategy in building your own cute blue minions of army to match against the hostile red armies standing on the other side. But each type of soldier have their own strength and cost so you have to sort them out and use them effectively. Do you think you have what it takes to win the war? :wink: :crossed_swords: Let’s take a quick game review!

It’s a type of game where you lead your army to match the force of enemy armies and defeat them! :crossed_swords:


So start picking soldiers: Cudgel for brave tiny soldiers, Spartan warriors , Knights, Archers :bow_and_arrow: and more…Each have their strength and weakness. Use some as front liners and some as support. Bottomline: Form a formidable army :sunglasses:


Like a thinking General, position your warriors in strategic locations that you think can defeat the enemies on the other side. Carefully study the strength of the enemy forces. Once ready, click Start Battle :crossed_swords: on top and see the war unfolds :nerd_face: :face_with_monocle:


But this game is full of surprises :exploding_head: as you don’t know what it brings once the battle started :crazy_face:


Victory is achieved :trophy: when you have eliminated every single one of enemy soldiers with some of your gallant forces standing :partying_face:


Will this army stand strong against the hostile armies on the other side? It gets harder every level :sweat_smile:


Wrong selection :negative_squared_cross_mark: and position of your soldiers will spell victory or defeat. It’s in your hands boss :sunglasses:


Find your way to become victorious! :clinking_glasses: :trophy: :crossed_swords:

Have a lot of fun playing this game brought to you by Y8.com!

Play this game here :arrow_down:


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honestly im not that fond of these types of strategy games, but its alright.

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cool gm

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day 3 and im gonna beat level 150! im now on level 88 :blush:

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