🛹 Fun time with Skate Hooligan!


Skate Hooligans is one casual game that is surely fun to play. Play as a little hooligan :crazy_face: running away and must collect lots and lots of coins :money_mouth_face: while dodging those obstacles ahead. And it’s all fun doing some tricks with the skateboard! :skateboard: There’s a lot of awesome upgrades so make sure you don’t miss them! Let’s take a look at some details for this fun game! :star_struck:


Looks fun to take a leap off that ramp and grab those coins! :money_mouth_face:


Get ready for challenging obstacles ahead :warning:


“Meh” when i got hit by a car :joy::rofl:


“Meh” Just got hit by a bus :bus: :joy:


Crash on obstacles and this fat officer will come and grab you :ghost: :joy:


Buy some nice upgrades to enhance your game play :video_game:


There’s lot of cool character/skins that you can unlock so accumulate more and more coins!


You can upgrade your skateboard too, and there’s a lot of awesome skateboard skin to choose from :skateboard:


You become invincible momentarily when you grab the police car power up! :oncoming_police_car:

It will take hours and hours of game time for you to unlock all those cool items but surely it’s a lot of fun too! And it will be all worth it :star_struck: So try this game and have fun playing this game here at Y8.com! :heart_eyes:

Play this game here :arrow_down:

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nice :star_struck:

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