🦺 Fun Obstacle Course! : Fall Guys and Girls Knockdown

Hey guys do you like to race in a challenging obstacle course? You only need to run and try to reach the finish line as fast as you can! Those lagging behind will be eliminated while the last one standing will be crowned as winner! Cool to play right? You can also play with your friends in this funny fall guys game this :people_holding_hands:


Pick any character :poop: to begin with and get ready to run :dash:


Expect a lot of obstacles ahead :safety_vest:


You must think :thought_balloon: :anger: in advance to which side to go and jump on time!


Watch out for swinging obstacles :boom: :hole:, it can knock you down and get left behind :warning:


You will with other online players so get ready to compete with them head to head on the race :running_man: :men_wrestling:


If you got behind, just keep running as other may fail and you still have the chance to over run them :dash: :smirk:


Every level gets harder and harder and players will decrease :dizzy_face: :lying_face: :joy_cat:


You can turn off the chat mode in the settings :speech_balloon:


Use the money to buy upgrades for any character you like :slightly_smiling_face:

This is really a fun game to play against other online players or with your friends! So invite your friends to try this game and enjoy playing it here at Y8.com!

Play this game here :arrow_down:

Gameplay Video :arrow_down_small:


I just realize these versions of the game do have issues though. But a cool game.

@y8rai @Bad_Request you always talk about Y8 Games can talk about something else

This isn’t fall guys, this is Get up Non-binaries and Girls /s

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This game is good, but hard to me…

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