Friday night funkin on y8

Do you know that youtuber Coryxkenshin? If you don’t then your an uncultured swine. I’m jk, but if you really don’t know him go subscribe to him. Anyways, he played this game called Friday Night Funkin’ and it’s a really good game. Super hard btw. It’s a music game and it looks like Dance Dance Revolution. So you have to rap battle different people. I won’t spoil the character, they look really cool. And if you lose or die, you drop your mic, it shows your skeleton, your brain and your balls. For some reason it’s blue. I think you should check it out really fun and if you beat the whole game? Literally the whole game, you are goated.

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ya i know who coryxkenshin is hes my fav youtuber

Ik who sssniperwolf is she’s my fave YouTuber

ya my brother watches sssniperwolf

sssniperwolf is kweblecobs gf

i beat week 2 of friday night funkin. it was stressful. i’m literally crying tears of joy.

Sssniperwolf is funny

i watch Coryxkenshin and Sssniperwolf

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