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Found this :smile:


I see a funnyaxe, wasn’t he banned?
Also is that Kong
I thought fft disappeared from Kong in 2015


He banned on Y8 forums. xD


2017, but this magic is called old screenshots on PC :cowboy_hat_face:


Pro players


Buy the shocker and get the skin for 1zcash


Anyways, on the topic of FFT…
Got a new wired gaming mouse, feels much different from my old wireless mouse e_e

What’s the DPI you guys usually use for mice/the game? Also, what are the advantages of a high dpi mouse vs a lower dpi one? Just interested :stuck_out_tongue:


Idk about dpi because I don’t have a gaming mice, i have the Logitech G pro Wireless on my wish list
You can try to research about what’s a great doing
Though what is your mouse model?


logitech g403


U should prolly google this instead xD
But - too high DPI+in-game sensitivity —> terrible for hitscans
Either way, think I’m on 800 DPI and whatever settings for every game.

Why ppl buy wireless mouse is something I’ll never understand.


The wireless mouse I am buying can be turned into a wired mouse


I am buying it because someone showed me a site from a quake player that has played the game in 30 years. Then decides to make 40 mouse reviews and also says buy a mouse that fits perfectly for your hand
If you want to check out the site, I can dm it to you or I can put it here


real men use 15$ walmart mouse where the only way to control your mouse settings is to change the pointer speed in devices
EDIT: also never get a wireless mouse if you intend on playing a competitive game


lol what I am buying is worth $75

more money, better quality


have you ever seen capitalism at work, i just spent 100 dollars for an access code for a class, not even the book. more money doesnt mean better quality, planned obsolescence


Hmm, sometimes it is, sometimes its not.


@RonneyChase234 :thinking:


am hola soi nuevo me gustaría saber si podría participar de alguna manera en algun torneo




Well I hate to break all the sassy talk and the fun you all are having, I’m gonna be comming back to FFT soon anyone good with assasin yet ? Hopefully he/she be ready to 1v1 me :rofl: . All the updates has taken place and I believe no one would call me a hacker now :yum:hi all the noobs andrea hi rja hi Um-a where is my ex lol todd is she alive ? Where my boys at where my students at where is everyone I guess I have to bring em back from the dead,


Heyoo Ronney , Long time no see . Most of the old players quit lol. Welcome back though!