💫 Freefall Tournament: General Discussion 💫



‘oh no’


New generals are the best u can ever find…
Just join someday and u will comeback for sure


Was off 1 week and I see forum is a half mess. Even had few interesting messages in my inbox lol. Nothing better than mighty 10 yo treating. x’D

Now I’m tempted to check it out.


This guy named snakeeys DMed me to ask if he can use his idol as the nickname
(conor mcGregor) :joy:


Ah, him. Just got banned. Lol.


I still go back and watch Pandas and Darkbeats videos. Still fun to watch.


Hello charle


you banned snakeeyes dea83. hey where do you live can you tell me no personal thing ok.


:joy: :joy::joy:


Yeah you needs to be careful :wink:


Only if they have 250 ppl gang :smiley:


Lol than maybe you wont as you know flight ticket of 250 can be super costly :grin:


He’s trump’s grandson.
He has a private jet dude, u cant stop him!!


Good morning




It would be nice to have a veteran only lobby


its been months we have been asking for that…but no response


Isn’t there certain rank lock room?


Being lft+ aint big task,they enter and ruin the game :triumph:


This was a funny match :stuck_out_tongue: