💫 Freefall Tournament: General Discussion 💫



If There are 2200 people reply to this mean how Poor Rate you are lol


How y’all doin? Its been a while since I’ve been here.

  • Invis/abcdxyz and bunch of other alt accounts LOL


I havent played FFT since April m8, I just wish they’d add more classes and maps… kinda boring now


the game has no developers and no updates :frowning:


Last time the game had an update , Obama was still the president


HEY GYS! Can i be in ur guys group? I really don’t have someone else to talk to since I’m only talking to a stupid robot.


Hi, I suddenly lost my rank (Cpt.) and all my skins. I have no idea what happened. Everything in my account is gone. I tried to contact support, but no help so far. Can anyone else help?


That’s weird.
Are you using the same account as last time?


There have been no mods in FFT, is it possible for me to become a mod so that I can watch over this game? As I have seen there were a few hackers recently and some abusive players…