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If There are 2200 people reply to this mean how Poor Rate you are lol

How y’all doin? Its been a while since I’ve been here.

  • Invis/abcdxyz and bunch of other alt accounts LOL

I havent played FFT since April m8, I just wish they’d add more classes and maps… kinda boring now

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the game has no developers and no updates :frowning:

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Last time the game had an update , Obama was still the president

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HEY GYS! Can i be in ur guys group? I really don’t have someone else to talk to since I’m only talking to a stupid robot.

Hi, I suddenly lost my rank (Cpt.) and all my skins. I have no idea what happened. Everything in my account is gone. I tried to contact support, but no help so far. Can anyone else help?

That’s weird.
Are you using the same account as last time?

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There have been no mods in FFT, is it possible for me to become a mod so that I can watch over this game? As I have seen there were a few hackers recently and some abusive players…

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I don’t think so.

I was here from 4 years maybe. my name was Caap :blush:
my account was banned. Can you un-banned me please :wink:
email: softwarekamal@hotmail .com

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hey, does anyone have a link to the discord server?

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Que le paso a torneo de caída libre tengo días que no lo e podido jugar si alguien sabe que le paso por favor cuéntenme si


I cant play WebGl game


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Please unbanned me I have old account from 4 years It was banned.

email developer94@hotmail .com
pass: 111111

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